The first deck in the Encarded Signature Series, Zenith is one of the rarest full releases in the world of modern playing cards.

Zenith is a dramatic re-imagining of the several commonly seen playing card themes: the black and white deck design, the central circular medallion motif, and borderless design. Zenith may be the only deck to combine such themes into such a cohesive and elegant package.

Zenith is housed in a special sideways opening tuck box made of elegant, thick matte black paper, adorned with amazingly detailed and vibrant holographic silver foil and sealed with a sequentially numbered seal (This is deck #751/1000 as pictured) under the cellophane.

The beauty of the sideways tuck also allows you to open the deck with one simple straight cut across the seal, preserving the appearance and detail of the seal when you have the deck closed.   

Printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, makers of the amazing Exquisite decks. This is the only place and your only chance to get this groundbreaking deck.



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