This set of Thirdway Industries playing cards features 12 unique decks from one of the most well respected and sought after designers, Giovanni Meroni and come housed in a custom Thirdway Industries brick box.


You will receive one each of the following decks:


  • Pantheon Azure
  • Pantheon Caelum (Blue Gilded)
  • Apocalisse (Foiled Card backs, Numbered Seal)
  • Apocalisse (Gold Card backs, Gilded Edges, Numbered Seal)
  • Lunatica Equinox
  • Lunatica Solstice
  • Lunatica Phoenix
  • Lunatica Chimera
  • Sins Corpus
  • Sins Mentis
  • Evil Deck
  • Odissea Minerva

Thirdway Industries Brick (Pantheon Edition)