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Tales is a series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, inspired by Fairy Tales, Fables, and Fantasy Books. 


There are five decks in the Tales series: Heroic, Arcane, Legendary, Wicked and Charming Tales, each offering a vast array of characters with which to tell and create Fairy Tales, for both kids and adults alike.


All decks are fully custom with the court cards of Heroic and Arcane offering completely different characters along with 2 additional alternative court cards in each deck.


Legendary Tales is the Limited Edition deck of the series featuring asymmetric court cards, subtle gold ink on every card, an experimental tuck box featuring gold foil and embossing and a numbered deck seal. 


This set also includes a 2" Solid Brass Tales Collector's Coin.

Tales - 5 Deck Set + Coin

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