This set contains all of Stockholm 17's decks to date housed in a luxury custom brick box.


The set contains one deck each of:

  • Requiem Autumn
  • Requiem Winter
  • Heretic Lux
  • Heretic Noctis
  • Bicycle No. 17
  • No 17 Unbranded
  • Le Chat Rouge
  • Gemini Terra
  • Gemini Ignis
  • Gemini Noctis
  • House of the Rising Spade Faro
  • House of the Rising Spade Cartomancer


Special features:

100% Custom artwork on all decks
Thick card stock for the tuck box
Limited Edition numbered seals
Coloured foils on tuck boxes
Interior tuck foil
Metallic inks
Foiled card backs
Additional Joker & Gaff Cards

Stockholm 17 Collector's Set


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