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SINS is a new series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, designed by the italian designer Giovanni Meroni, inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. Each deck is custom designed with a different tuck box, card back and face images.

SINS Corpus is based on the Sins that influence the body: Wrath (Diamonds), Gluttony (Clubs), Sloth (Spades) and Lust (Hearts). The deck features a dark green tuck box with green and gold foils.

SINS MENTIS is based on the Sins that influence thought: Greed (Diamonds), Envy (Clubs), Pride (Spades) and Lust (Hearts). This deck features a white stock tuck box with black and gold foils.

Both decks also feature embossing and inner foil printing along with a 3rd Joker card.

Sins - Corpus (Club)

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