Silk is the latest deck from master playing card designer Lotrek.


After the success of his Damask deck that uses an astonishing 4+1 Different Foils on the card faces and 2 foils on the card backs it was time for a more sophisticated challenge


Lotrek states the idea was to go back to the basics and using just one foil -and a lot of imagination- to create a deck of spectacular luxury, an absolute must for every serious collector, and thanks to his workshop and expert plate makers, was able to produce a deck with such detail that it will take your breath away!


The back of the cards is formed of incredibly thin lines that imitates the weaving of renaissance silk fabrics and creates a stunning 3D effect that no photo can capture.


The deck is fully custom with gorgeous courts inspired by renaissance engravings. To top things off, gold foil is used on all cards, front and back and the tuck case uses embossed Black and Gold foil on black stock.


This 2 deck set also includes Silk Blue which incorporates all the design aspects of the original Silk deck using a different colour variation and an completely new back design.


Silk Playing cards are limited to just 360 Decks.

Silk Blue Playing cards are limited to just 380 Decks.

Silk (2 Deck Set)


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