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This complete eight deck set of playing cards known as Seasons were designed to capture moments in time with each deck representing a different season of the year.


The Primavera and Verana decks emphasize a hint of spring / summer respectively, using a clean, white deck with metallic gold accents whilst the Seronda / Inverno deck highlights the approaching autumn / winter months and the change in colour and temperature with its use of reds and metallic blue accents over a black background.


All decks, printed by the USPCC, feature an embossed wrap-around design on its tuck box allowing the decks to match with each other creating a unique illustration.


These designs are brought to life with vibrant gold and silver foils whilst the cards echo this design with complimenting color schemes. In addition the Inverno & Verana Limited Editions decks are completed with matching numbered deck seals.


This set contains one deck each of:


  • Primavera v.1
  • Primavera v.2
  • Seronda v.1
  • Seronda v.2
  • Inverno Standard Edition
  • Inverno Limited Edition
  • Verana Standard Edition
  • Verana Limited Edition


Please note that Inverno/Verana Limited Edition decks will have a different edition number to the ones pictured.

Seasons - Complete 8 Deck Set

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