From Stockhom 17 comes Requiem: A dark deck where bad feelings take their own place on each court and ace. It is a way to release bad energy and transform it into beauty on this high quality printed card deck.


The deck is 100% custom designed with a standard index for easy readability.

Hearts have been broken, Clubs have thorns, Diamonds are cracked and Spades become dry leaves.


Cards are adorned with roman numerals representing specific dates whilst an additional 55th card gives meaning to each court card with an English translation of the latin text.


Deck Features:

  • 100% Custom artwork

  • 3 jokers

  • 1 additional index card

  • Poker size

  • Bee stock with magic finish

  • Embossed tuck-box inner printing

  • Custom seal

  • Limited to 2750 decks

Requiem Winter