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Prism playing cards are a beautiful and colourful creation featuring UV gloss ink on the card faces. 
This unique feature gives a neat, highly reflective shine to each and every card that catches the eye.

Prism Day comes packaged in a predominantly white tuckbox with intricate textured high gloss regions accentuating the exploding light of the sun whilst the limited edition Prism dusk tuckbox will feature shiny and colourful prismatic paper which gives an incredible rainbow shine.

Deck Features:

• 54 custom and unique playing cards each with a UV gloss layer 
• Prismatic tuckbox (Dusk Edition)
• Bright and colorful two-way back designs
• Borderless back design (Dusk edition)
• Diamond Finish
• Custom holographic deck seals
• Printed by Legends Playing Card Company

Prism - Dusk (Club)

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