Prism playing cards are a beautiful and colourful creation featuring UV gloss ink on the card faces.


This unique feature gives a neat, highly reflective shine to each and every card that catches the eye.


Prism Day and Night also come packaged in a intricate textured tuckbox with high gloss regions accentuating the light whilst the limited edition Prism dusk tuckbox features a shiny and colourful prismatic paper which gives an incredible rainbow shine.


Deck Features:

54 custom and unique playing cards each with a UV gloss layer

Intricately glossed tuckbox (Day & Night Edition)

Prismatic tuckbox (Dusk Edition)

Bright and colorful two-way back designs

Borderless back design (Dusk edition)

Diamond Finish

Printed by Legends Playing Card Company

Prism - 3 Deck Set


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