Every society has a story rooted in its most ancient traditions, of how the earth and sky originated. Most of these stories attribute the origin of all things to a Creator - whether God, Element or Idea. 


Primordial playing cards by Costa Pantazis and designed by Charles Adi (Blackout Brother) are based on this idea where the primordial deities are the first gods and goddesses born from the void of Chaos who formed the very fabric of the universe.


This Complete set consists of:

1x Aether Deck (#/2000)
1x Chaos Deck (#/2000)
1x Aether Deck - Gold Gilded edition (#/500)
1x Chaos Deck - Red Gilded edition (#500)
1x Pantheon Deck - Gold Gilded (#40/125)
1x 2 Deck White Carat Case
1x 2 Deck Red Carat Case
1x Gold Pantheon Carat Case


Deck Features:

56 Custom Playing Cards 
Manufactured on Premium Playing Card Stock 
Foil and Embossing on Tuck Boxes 
Metallic Gold inks on back of cards
Interior Tuck Print Design 
Numbered Deck Seals

Gold/Red Gilding on Card Edges


Carat Case Features:

The custom Carat Cases are the perfect solution for displaying your Primordial playing card decks. Each one features a transparent black lid with custom engraving and comes with its own outer sleeve printed with digital foils to replicate the tuck boxes of the decks stored inside.

Primordial - Complete 5 Deck Set


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