Pipmen World playing cards - World's first 54 piece polyptych playing card puzzle

Brought to you by Elephant playing cards this unique deck of playing cards features 54 individual, self-contained scenes that all fit together into one big picture – the Pipmen world!

When pieced together the 54-piece Polyptych puzzle features: 158 pipmen, 16 different terrains, 6 UFOs, 5 Eagles, 4 Skeletons, 3 Cows and 2 Rockets. Can you find them all?

A perfect gift for puzzle lovers and card players.

Deck Features:

• World first 54-piece self-contained Polyptych puzzle
• Every individual card is a self contained picture.
• All the pictures fit together to form a self-contained single stunning work of art.
• Gorgeous wraparound box art
• Thick luxurious paper stock
• Full bleed (Borderless) design

Pipmen World - Full Art Edition (Club)