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Pantheon was the first luxury edition deck from Thirdway Industries featuring a luxurious, embossed and foiled tuck box and gold foil card backs. A spin off deck from the earlier Dedalo series the deck's court cards all feature Greek Gods with an additional bonus card of a third Joker included.


Now they are joined by their modern counterparts in this 3 deck set with even more luxurious features.


The updated Pantheon decks have been completely redesigned and printed by the USPCC on a white background with metallic inks. These decks now feature 4 different jokers whilst the luxury Pantheon Caelum edition also includes a premium tuck box featuring blue and holographic foils, a numbered deck seal and stunning Blue gilding on the card edges.


The decks come housed in a 3 deck Carat Case for display purposes.

Pantheon - 3 Deck Set + Carat Case

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