Following on from the success of his previous Tally Ho playing cards, Jackson Robinson, famed for the Federal 52 series, has added a 5th deck to the Kings Wild Tally Ho series.


Each deck in the series was created in honour of each of the women in his life, and after the birth of his youngest daughter Olive the newest addition of the Kings Wild Tally Ho series was created.


This 3 deck limited edition set contains 1 deck each of the Limited, Gilded & Players editions.


Deck features:


·    Embossed and Foiled premium tuck cases (Limited & Gilded Editions)

·    Traditionally Cut Cards 

·    Embossed Air Cushioned finish

·    Copper Gilded edged playing cards (Gilded Edition)

·    Numbered Seals (Limited & Gilded Editions)

·    Printed by USPCC

·    Limited to 850 decks (Limited Edition)

·    Limited to 200 decks (Gilded Edition)


Please note that you may receive different numbered decks to those pictured.

Olive Tally Ho - 3 Deck Set


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