Inspired by Greek Mythology and "Homer's Odyssey", Odissea is the latest series of playing cards from Giovanni Meroni & Thirdway Industries.


This complete 6 deck set contains the original trilogy comprising of Neptune, Minerva and the limited Mythica deck along with the additional released decks of Aegis, Nemesi ( Limited to approx. 300 of each edition) plus the Gold Gilded Nec Plus Ultra edition (limited to 500 decks).


Each deck in the trilogy features a completely different set of court cards (Aegis, Neptune & Nec plus Ultra are the same cards as Neptune, Minerva & Mythica) plus 2 additional bonus cards all in stunning metallic inks. 


The Nec plus ultra edition is completed with a pearlescent, gold foiled tuck box and numbered deck seal (#55).


All 6 decks come housed in a stunning 6 deck Carat Case for display purposes.

Odissea - 6 Deck set + Carat Case