Oath Standard collector's edition features the same iconic back design as Lotrek's award winning Golden Oath deck whilst incorporating Lotrek's own take on a standard set of court cards. 

The stand out feature for these decks is the dual foiled card backs (Gold on Black) and the snow white card stock which is only achievable by removing the black core that most playing card stock has.


As Lotrek explains: "[I was thinking] how can I make a functional deck with that beautiful feature of the snow white sides? The black core makes the sides grey while no core makes the card translucent. The idea was to use black foil as a substitute for the black core. We don't need to have that core in the middle, we just need to prevent light [passing through] and we can leave the borders white since there is nothing printed there to reveal the value of the card".


Each deck is hand signed and numbered (limited to 300 decks) and comes complete with 2 sample cards one from the Gold on Black edition and one from the ultra rare Gold on Gold Edition.

Oath Standard: Collector's Edition


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