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The Notorious Gambling Frog is a limited edition deck from Stockholm 17.


The Orange Gilded edition was only available to subscribers during the 2022 Patreon subscription service and as a result the deck is limited to just 600 copies.


Limited Deck features:

  • 56 cards
  • 4-corner index
  • Standard S17 court cards (same as 52+Joker Club Deck) with adapted color palette
  • Orange gilded card edges
  • Limited to 600 decks
  • 3 jokers
  • 56th card is the 17 of Hearts
  • Printed by WJPC in China, using the same paper stock as the Eye of the Ocean's Quartermaster deck.
  • Tuckbox with embossing on an uncoated paper.
  • Inner print in Green
  • Cellophane sealed.
  • Numbered deck seal (#180/600 as pictured)

Notorious Gambling Frog - Gilded Edition

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