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Monolith is the latest series of playing cards from Thirdway Industries inspired by the universe. Combining themes such as mythology and space and using a range of printing techniques from metallic inks to holographic foils Monolith is one of the craziest, yet luxurious decks available.


Monolith Horizon & Singularity were the March/April 2021 Rewards for Thirdway Industries Patreon Subscribers.


The decks feature:

  • Holographic Flood Foil on both sides
  • Tuck box with 2 layers of foil (holographic and green) and embossing
  • Reacts under blacklight – neon inks became fluorescent and the holographic foil reflects the blacklight, with a crazy effect.
  • Numbered Seal
  • Printed by EPCC
  • Direct sequel of Black and White Monolith

Monolith (Horizon & Singularity) - 2 Deck Set

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