Join us in a journey from the twilight of the nineteenth century to the roaring sixties, meeting along the way shady, ambiguous and mysterious characters: dark ladies, gangsters, mariachis, Latin lovers, femmes fatales and young hearted playboys.

The artwork by Marco Guerrieri represents a noir-like world, with mobsters, femme-fatale and characters from a not so distant past. In this edition Maurizio Toccafondi revamped the original design sported on the Christmas Edition with a new image composition, the introduction of fabrics for the different suites and a new colour scheme.

The decks were printed by LPCC on their Diamond finish.
You will also receive 3 additional cards (1x Joker & 2 Gaff Cards) as these were printed separately to the cards in the sealed tuck box).

Love is a Smoke (Club)


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