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This is the complete set of 2019 LTD edition decks from the Kings Wild Shorts Playing Cards subscription.


All decks are numbered #200 and come complete with a custom Kings Wild Brick Box + 2 Bonus decks: Edred the Gizzard & a Gilded Equinox I deck.


Please note:

The Equinox I Gilded deck has different edition number to the rest of the set.

The Kings wild Brick Box has a small defect on the fold of the lid.


The complete list of decks are as follows:

1) PI

2) Labyrinth

3) Equinox II

4) The Noble Train

5) Revival Cycles 

6) Thoroughbreds

7) Valley Forge

8) Verum Videre (Black Edition)

9) Back to School

10) Trick or Treat

11) Invocation

12) Nutcracker

13) Edred the Gizzard

14) Gilded Equinox I


Bonus 13th Deck: Edred the Gizzard / Bonus Deck: Gilded Equinox I 

Kings Wild 2019 LTD Set #200 (14 Decks)

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