This 11 deck set features a range of decks from the ever popular Karnival series brought to you Big Blind Media. Each Bicycle branded deck has been designed specifically with the magician and collector in mind and features USPCC's world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.


The set consists of:


  • Karnival Midnights Rare Purple edition
  • Karnival Original Rare Gold edition
  • Karnival Originals
  • Karnival 1984
  • Karnival Midnights
  • Karnival Assasins
  • Karnival Original Limited Edition Reprints
  • Karnival Renegades
  • Karnival Delirium
  • Karnival Dose Redux (Rare Foil Edition)
  • Karnival Fatal



Karnival Collection - 11 Deck Set


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