Inspired by classical Japanese Culture and designed by Steve Minty (Muertos, Moon Deck) this complete set of Hana playing cards includes both the standard edition and Signature decks plus a variety of accessories created for the original Kickstarter project.


The complete set includes:


2x Hana Signature Edition Decks: 

The Hana signature decks feature the same cards as the standard editions with the addition of gold and silver gilded card edges.

Each deck features a hand made, origami inspired tuck box designed as a Kimono with an Obi Belly Band.

The decks are limited to 100 decks of each design (This is set #6/100)

Please note: The numbered deck seal is NOT stuck to the tuck box, they are loose as was originally intended.


2x Standard Edition Deck:

Both standard edition decks feature foiled and embossed tuck boxes, custom deck seals and metallic inks on the cards. Printed by EPCC


2x Hana Coins:

Measuring 1¾”, each coin has an antique metal finish and features either the Geisha (Gold Coin) or Samarui (Silver Coin) along with a Hana Flower Insignia.


2x Metal Engraved Cards

Each metal engraved card are regulation poker card sized (2.5"x3.5") and a hefty at 3.5mm thickness with an antique finish. The cards feature the Ace of Spades and the back design of each respective deck.


2x Silk Storage Bags

3x Vinyl Stickers

Hana playing card set


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