Produced by Lorenzo Gaggiotti (Le Chat Rouge) and inspired by the astrological zodiac sign of Gemini this 3 deck set is perhaps one of the most luxurious sets of modern playing cards available.


Each deck features:

  • A luxurious tuck box featuring 2 coloured foils, embossing and inner foil printing
  • Custom illustrated court cards
  • 3 Custom jokers
  • Large custom pips
  • An unconventional index
  • One-way back design (for card tricks)
  • Casino Grade Paper Stock
  • Durable Linen Classic Finish Coating
  • A Gemini constellation card
  • A gaff card featuring the Queen of clubs and the King of hearts
  • Printed by EPCC


In addition Gemini Noctis also features:

  • A numbered seal
  • Unique court cards (Different from Terra & Ignis)
  • Silver Foil on the back of each card


This complete 3 deck set also includes a Gemini Card Guard, Coaster, Vinyl Sticker & 2x Gemini Badges.

Gemini - 3 Deck Set + Extras