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The Anubis & Osiris playing cards by Steve Minty were inspired by the luxurious reverence of Egyptian Gods and Kings of the past.


With the version 1 decks sold out and in high demand these shadow editions incorporate all the luxury elements of the originals with updated designs and a new colour scheme.


The decks feature:

  • Fully Custom Court Cards featuring a select pantheon of Egyptian Gods.
  • New Jack of Clubs (Differing from the v.1 decks)
  • Intricate illustrated Aces, Pips, and Index bolstered with metallic gold cold foil.
  • Custom Illustrated Jokers featuring the golden scarab and revered felines of Egypt.
  • Full Colour Background
  • Custom Back design features gold cold foil.
  • Custom embossed tuck case with hot gold foil and custom deck seal.
  • Foiled Inner tuck graphics.
  • Printed by Cartamundi.

Anubis - Shadow Edition

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