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The first deck from Thirdway Industries' 2021 Patreon Subscription service, Conquerors Vendetta is the successor of the first 2 decks in the Conqueror's series: Audax & Victoria with a completely redesigned deck & tuck box. 


The deck, printed by EPCC, incorporates their new flood foil technology allowing the entire back of the card to be covered with red foil with ink to be printed on top, making it highly reflective and visually stunning. 


Conquerors Justitia, also released as part of the 2021 Patreon subscription, is the first Eternal Edition produced by Thirdway Industries.

The deck uses the same cards as Conquerors Vendetta with the added feature of Red gilded card edges, along with a Premium pearlescent paper and gold foil tuckbox with Inner foil printing.


Eternal Editions (EE) are decks produced in Limited numbers with additional features specifically for subscribers.

Conquerors Justitia is limited to just 500 decks with each deck also featuring a numbered deck seal.


Deck Features:


  • Limited edition, 2000 decks printed (Vendetta)
  • Limited edition, 500 decks printed (Justitia)
  • Red Flood Foil on card backs, very reflective and visually stunning.
  • Red Gilded Card edges (Justitia)
  • Premium tuckbox with soft touch paper and embossing
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
  • Gold foil numbered seal  - (All Vendetta decks were accidentally numbered 2000)
  • Bold style with thick lines
  • Completely different from the Victoria/Audax variant

Conquerors - 2 Deck Set

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