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Cirque Luciole is an imaginary and visionary ensemble of spectacular stage performers, known as The Fireflies, from Paris in the early 1920’s.


Here, the cast of mentalists, illusionists, magicians and acrobats are performing unforgettable stage acts which are as much a feast for your eyes as they are tantalizing delicacies for your imagination.


Deck Features:

  • 52 circus themed playing cards + 2 jokers
  • 2-Way Design
  • Index in all 4 corners for optimised playability
  • Luxurious, gold foiled, embossed tuck boxes
  • Interior holographic foil
  • UV highlights
  • Numbered deck seals
  • Printed by NPCC with premium linen finish

Cirque Luciole - Stella Nova

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