On her maiden voyage, April 10th 1912, the Titanic carried 2,224 passengers and crew towards New York City. As fate would have it, she would never make it to this destination. Late in the evening hours of April 14th she hit an iceberg. Within three hours, she sank to the bottom of the ocean taking with her 1,514 victims.

Each deck in the Titanic series represents a passenger or crew member who sailed upon this fateful journey and is also cleverly categorized into class and crew with a named deck seal.

As a result only 1514 Death decks exist with a named seal to represent those who perished in the disaster and even rarer are the 710 named Life decks representing each of the survivors.

This complete 4 deck set of Bicycle Titanic playing cards features 1 named Life deck, 1 named Death deck, an unbranded deck plus the luxury Deluxe deck featuring an embossed tuck case with gold foil plus a complete unique set of court cards.

You can see a full, detailed list of Titanic's passenger and crew members visit the following website: http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org

Bicycle Titanic - 4 Deck Set


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