Syzygy, from the Ancient Greek "suzugos" is an obscure phenomenon where three celestial bodies align in a perfect straight-line configuration. The term Syzygy is often applied when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (new moon) or opposition (full moon).


This 2 deck set features both the standard Gold Edition and the Very Limited Platinum Edition.


Bicycle Syzygy: Gold Edition:

  • StarFire Red Premium Vellum Stock Tuck Box
  • Premium Antique Gold Foil
  • Embossed Finish Stock
  • Limited Edition red/gold closure seal
  • Magic Coating
  • Bicycle stock


Bicycle Syzygy: Platinum Edition:


  • Premium Soft Touch Magic Black box wrapped in Platinum Foil.
  • Each deck is numbered and autographed individually
  • Embossed Finish Stock
  • Limited Edition Foil closure seal 
  • Magic Coating
  • Bicycle stock 
  • Limited Edition of only 750 decks.

Bicycle Syzygy - 2 Deck Set


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