The Seven Seas playing card set is all about the dichotomy of a life at sea.

Bicycle Seven Seas:

The red side of the deck explores famous sailors, explorers, pirates, and privateers of the age of sail. 
The court cards focus on the actual historical figures of the time and the cards ranked 2-10 of the hearts and diamonds feature different types of ships.

The dark side of the deck explores the dangers sailors would face; be them real or fantasy. Court cards for the spades and clubs explore the monstrous creatures thought to lurk below the waves, while the ranked 2-10 cards focus more on superstitions and ghost ships.

Bicycle Captains Deck:

This deck features a new back design and tuck box as well as variations on the face cards.
The Captain’s Deck is more focused on playability. Many of the face cards have been simplified and streamlined and the 2-10 cards are identifiably different from the court cards. They also feature a different colour variation and a little more grit than the Seven Seas Deck.

Unbranded Limited Edition Deck:

The 'Un-Branded' Limited Edition Deck contains the same cards as the Bicycle Seven Seas deck.
The tuck box has been redesigned as a Treasure chest filled with gold and jewels and the deck is completed with a numbered deck seal. Limited to only 901 decks (This is deck number 368 as pictured.)

Bicycle Seven Seas - 3 Deck Set


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