The 1950s are often depicted as idyllic and quaint, full of good clean living and prosperity. The reality is that behind the storybook image hid a whole different underground scene of illegal gambling, prostitution, after-hours drinking, and gunplay.


Double Black playing cards encapsulates this era with a deck of playing cards that someone as deadly and debonair as James Bond would pull out of their suit at a card game. Classy and sleek with enough customization to be unique yet still hold the classic style of traditional playing cards.


This 3 deck set includes both the original Bicycle Branded deck plus both limited edition decks of which only 500 of each design were printed.


Deck Features:


  • 56 Sleek Playing Cards manufactured on Quality Bicycle Stock
  • Custom Face Cards, Court Cards, Jokers and Tuck-Box
  • Includes 1 Gaff Card and 1 Specialty Card
  • Numbered Deck Seals (Limited Edition decks)
  • Printing by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Bicycle Branded
  • Air Cushion Finish

Bicycle Double Black - 3 Deck Set


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