AVES is a beautiful new deck of playing cards, inspired by birds from all over the world and hand drawn and designed by artist Karina Eibatova.

This 4 deck set includes both Bicycle Branded decks plus the 2 Limited unbranded decks.


Deck Features:

  • 100% completely custom designed cards, including art, pips, royalty, backs, everything.
  • 56 cards including a full 52 card deck, plus 2 Jokers, a LUX card, and a double backed card.
  • 2 Different back designs
  • Custom Tuck Case with textured linen cover
  • Bicycle® branded
  • Air-Cushion finish for fine handling.
  • Printed on premium Bicycle card stock by USPCC
  • Deck produced by LUX Playing Cards


Please note there is minor damage (corner dents) to a couple of the tuck boxes.

Bicycle Aves - 4 Deck Set


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