Betrayal, seen by some to be the worst possible sin, is the inspiration for the latest series of playing cards by Giovanni Meroni & Thirdway Industries.


Meroni states "I've studied some of the more notorious Betrayers for inspiration. I think the theme of betrayal is strong in the traditional of French playing cards. Where there are crowns, queens and spades, usually there is also poison, blades and broken hearts."


Each of the decks features different artwork on the face and card backs with additional features such gold foil on the limited edition Invictus edition and gold gilding on the Invictus Red Edition.


The complete 5 deck set also includes a 2" Betrayer's Collector Coin.


Deck Features:

  • 100% Custom Artwork
  • Different Card Backs, Faces & Tuck boxes for each edition
  • Cold Gold foil card backs (Invictus)
  • Gold foil gilded edges (Invictus Red)
  • 3rd Joker in each deck (4 Jokers in Invictus edition)
  • Double Backer card (Tenebre & Lucis)
  • Reversed Suit Colour (Veritas)
  • Printed by USPCC (Tenebre & Lucis)
  • Printed by Cartamundi (Invictus)

Betrayers - 5 Deck Set & Collector Coin


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