From master playing card designer comes Arabesque a luxurious deck of playing cards inspired by the Alhambra palace in Granada.


This set consists of 3 decks of Arabesque Players Editions:


1x Arabesque Silver: Players Edition

1x Arabesque Red: Players Edition

1x Arabesque Blue: Players edition


Details as described by Lotrek:

Arabesque Player's editions use the same cards as the Arabesque foiled editions with improvements to the indiced making them easier to read. For the Player's edition, the gold and silver foils is being replaced with very bright metallic inks. It's the next best thing for a luxury touch on a deck intended for the demanding player, card enthusiast and collector. 


Please note the Arabesque Silver players edition is not cellophane sealed and never was. Images are from the collectors edition and slight variations may occur.

Arabesque Players - 3 Deck set


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