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The award-winning Apothecary series from Seasons Playing Cards features 8 uniquely designed playing card decks plus a dual tone Burlwood Cabinet & certificate of authenticity.


The complete collection includes:


  • 1 x Apothecary Insights
  • 1 x Apothecary Ponderings
  • 1 x Apothecary Virtues
  • 1 x Apothecary Sentiments
  • 1 x Apothecary Elixir - Midnight Edition
  • 1 x Apothecary Insights Green Gilded Edition (Numbered Seal)
  • 1 x Apothecary Elixir - Gold Gilded Edition (Limited to 848)
  • 1 x Apothecary Elixir - White Holographic Gilded Edition (Limited to 188)
  • 1 x Burlwood Cabinet
  • 1 x Certificate of Authenticity


The Gold Gilded & Holographic Gilded Elixir decks also feature matching numbered deck seals that match the numbered certificate of Authenticity.

Apothecary Complete Collection