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Standard Oath: Collector's Edition

Way back in 2017 master playing card designer Lotrek created Golden Oath, the first deck of playing cards to be printed entirely using coloured foils.

Each card face used 3 different coloured foils whilst the back design incorporated 2 foils and not a drop of ink had been used.

The deck went on to win a number of awards due to its innovative design and technical prowess and is now one of the most sought after playing card decks amongst collectors.

Since its release Lotrek had often teased about an extremely rare print run of the Golden Oath deck entitled Royal Oath which had been printed with different coloured foils on a blue card stock.

Like a white whale many wondered if this deck actually existed or was simply just another myth until 25 of the 50 decks turned up for sale at the 2019 52+ Joker convention in Cleveland. (The subsequent 25 decks were later sold via Lotrek's website).

Which brings us to the Standard Oath: Collector's Edition.

A predecessor to the Standard Oath: Player's Edition which is yet to be released, the collector's edition comes in 2 variants and features the same iconic back design as the Golden Oath whilst incorporating Lotrek's own take on the standard court cards.

The stand out feature for these decks is the dual foiled card backs, either Gold on Gold or Gold on Black, and the snow white card stock which is only achievable by removing the black core that most playing card stock has.

As Lotrek explains: "[I was thinking] how can I make a functional deck with that beautiful feature of the snow white sides? The black core makes the sides grey while no core makes the card translucent. The idea was to use black foil as a substitute for the black core. We don't need to have that core in the middle, we just need to prevent light [passing through] and we can leave the borders white since there is nothing printed there to reveal the value of the card".

Standard Oath: Collector's Edition will be available soon from Jacks and Jokers

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