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Empress Playing Cards

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Anyone who has even a vague an interest in collecting custom playing cards will, at one time or another, have come across a Steampunk inspired playing card deck as, for some almost mystical reason, there is something about playing card design and the subgenre of Steampunk that compels artists to unite these two topics together.

For those who have no idea what we're talking about Steampunk is a subgenre of Science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. The style is extremely distinctive drawing its inspiration from 19th century aesthetics and literary works from such authors as Jules Verne & H. G. Wells.

Steampunk inspired art.

The latest Steampunk themed deck to hit Kickstarter is Empress from Canadian designer Colin Macintyre. The deck, which also doubles up as an independent card game, uses a very simple colour palette of black, green and gold centred around the main line-work which fits extremely well with the overall Steampunk theme.

Most unusual of all however is that it is not just the Court Cards (J,Q,K) that are treated to character artwork, but the entire rank from the Ace upwards that gets the royal treatment.

Each card of each suit (Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs) will features a unique Steampunk inspired character with the Spade cards getting an alternate character upgrade if the campaign's stretch goals are met.

Empress Playing Cards

The deck will also feature a 55th Empress card enabling players to take part in the aforementioned card game where players must use a combination of cards to overthrow the reigning Empress.

All backers of the campaign will automatically receive a free rules booklet for the game along with a digital wallpaper image.

For more details and to pledge your support visit the Empress playing cards campaign page.

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