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Membership Details


Lifetime membership to the Jacks and Jokers club costs just £59.99. This is a one off fee with no extra charges.


Upon joining the club members will receive an email containing their discount code.


Your discount code entitles you to 10% off all purchases made from the Jacks and Jokers website.

Simply enter the code at checkout. (Excludes Club memberships & Brick Deals)


This email will also ask you which 2 club decks you would like to receive.

You may choose any deck from our stock that is marked as a (Club) deck on the main shop page or one of our member exclusive decks.

Along with your 2 club decks members will receive a loyalty card which entitles them to a free mystery deck upon completion.

Members will also receive a free mystery deck for every purchase made valued at £75 or over.

(excluding shipping and purchase of club memberships / Brick Deals)

We will hold a prize draw each time we get 10 new members. All current members will be automatically entered.

Winners will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail. Winners names may also appear on our website and other social media sites. 

1st Prize = 6 Decks of cards, 2nd prize = 4 Decks of cards, 3rd prize = 2 Decks of cards.

Prizes will be made up from our current stock and will be shipped at no additional cost.

Occasionally we may run additional member only offers.

Please ensure our email address is saved to prevent messages ending up in your junk mail:

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