New for 2021 our Mega Giveaway is our way of saying thank-you to our loyal customers.

You could win a great selection of decks from our stock with every purchase you make.

How do I win?

Your best chance of winning can be summed up in 4 words - Buy consistently from us.

For each purchase made you will receive 1-3 entries as shown below:

£0-£99 = 1 entry

£100 - £199 = 2 entries

£200+ = 3 entries

What will I win?

The prize allocation can be found on the home page.

We will add 1 extra deck to the bag:

Each month, If we hit our unspecified sales target for the previous month.

Put simply, the more sales we make the higher the chance of us adding a deck.

(1 Deck has already been added for January)

With each single sale of £300+.

With every 10 new Club members.

With every 100 Instagram followers (Must be consistent at time of giveaway).

With every 5 Monthly/Annual subscribers (January Only - 6 Months Subscription minimum)

How will the winner be decided?

With each purchase we will record the transaction number and the number of entries received.

The winner will be chosen at random by selecting a month followed by a date and then a transaction number from the chosen day.

The date of the draw is still to be decided, we're thinking 1st December to coincide with Black Friday however depending upon the number of decks in the bag we may decide to also make an earlier draw in the summer (most likely, July 4th).

So visit our shop, get yourself in the draw and add decks to that bag.

At Jacks and Jokers we aim to ensure our customers are happy with every purchase they make.

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